About Us

Schauer Angus, Faith, SD, was established in the spring of 1989 when we purchased our first eight cows. Twenty-five years later, we are as dedicated to the business as we were on day one. We feel fortunate to live in the heart of cattle country; surrounded by successful, knowledgeable cattlemen willing to offer advice. We have learned to focus on the basics, and believe it all starts with the cow. Therefore, in our sire selections, we breed for productive females that combine calving ease, performance, and disposition in a moderate frame. By stacking proven pedigrees, we eliminate some risk and create more predictability for us as well as our customers.

We enjoy what we do and strive to produce the best possible product we can offer. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We believe we stand behind our bulls as well as anyone in the business. Thank you for your interest in our program. Feel free to call, email, or stop by anytime.